What Donald Trump’s Arrest Means for America

The media — specifically MSN — is freaking out. They’re running stories declaring that “Trump supporters call for a civil war if Trump is imprisoned.” Well, what the hell did you expect, snowflakes? The point is not whether these stories are true, false or exaggerated. The point is that the media — one gigantic propaganda machine for the leftists and the Biden regime — wants you to think that.

In one sense, it’s impossible to see how we can avoid a civil war, assuming we’re not already in one. The government in power is — on this very day — arresting the front-runner for their opposition party. Just imagine if this had happened even as recently as the Obama years. And one doesn’t have to imagine what would happen if Trump had arrested the front runner for the Democratic nomination while he was in office.

In reality, there’s a peaceful alternative to civil war without forcing people who still want to uphold individual and economic rights to give them up. It’s called decentralization. Secession, if you prefer. In practice this means: If the people who live in places like California and New York WANT a Communist-fascist-totalitarian country, they can live under it. If people stuck in those states wish to leave, they can leave and go to states or places where individual rights are (ideally) respected and upheld.

It’s not a solution. But it beats the alternative — a bloody civil war. Or succumbing to the one-party state that Trump’s arrest on this very day embodies. Ideally, we’d have a central government that would require all state and local governments to uphold individual rights. If Gavin Newsom or that awful woman in New York state wish to impose totalitarian green controls, racist measures, economic redistribution or anything else, they’d be arrested by the officials of the federal government. Unfortunately, our federal government is now occupied by the worst fascists and Communists since the 1940s and 1950s. The fascists are supporting the other fascists, and arresting people (most notably, Donald Trump) who uphold any measure or notion of individual freedom. DeSantis will be next — assuming his campaign takes off as Trump’s legal troubles mount.

So, in the absence of a Constitution or Declaration of Independence (those are gone, other than in theory), we have to depend on state and local governments — and perhaps, ultimately, ourselves — if there’s any hope.

Those are your choices. You don’t have to like them. Those are still your choices. Unless you consider a bloody civil war — whatever that would look like — or rolling over to a fascist regime run by World Economic Forum twerps, AOC, drag queens, Hillary Clinton hitmen, hapless tech company CEOs, raging sociopaths like Bill Gates and now George Soros’ son (promising no more moderation or wimpiness, like he says his father provided) … well, like I said, those are your choices.



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