Rich Communists Are Still Communists

Regardless of what happens with the debt ceiling, Republicans WILL get blamed for any disaster, real or imagined. They will get blamed because the media, which is 99 percent Communist, associates Republicans with capitalism, and Communists hate capitalism. They hate capitalism, but they sure LOVE money — their own money, that is. DemComs want a super wealthy elite of psycho-wokesters, along with an impoverished underclass to depend on them, because this makes their soulless, parasitical psyches feel significant. (This is why they love these poor migrants flooding the border.) But you must understand they want NO middle class. That’s what these Wall Street/L.A./Janet Yellen Commies have in common with the old fashioned Soviet and Castro Commies: an uninhibited, bottomless thirst to eradicate the middle class. It’s what Communism does.



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