If We Get Nuclear War, Don’t Just Blame Putin

If there is a nuclear war, I will not blame Putin.

I will blame Victoria Nuland, who has spent decades pushing for perpetual war and who visited Ukraine to sponsor a coup. And her masters, the CIA.

I will blame the late unlamented John McCain, who did the same.

I will blame Boris Johnson, who visited Ukraine to prevent a peace deal being agreed. And his masters, the WEF.

I will blame Zelenskky, who was elected on a peace platform and then allowed his country to be used for a proxy war.

I will blame Ben Wallace, an otherwise completely insignificant fuckwit Tory Gimp who makes Matt Hancock look like a statesman, who sent cruise missiles to Ukraine.

I will blame the Hillary campaign, who decided in an utterly cynical fashion that they could revive the corpse of Cold War antagonisms in order to create fictions that would destroy Donald Trump.

I will blame the Pentagon hawks and the US neocons, who have treated foreign wars as an exciting, slightly sexually arousing entertainment with financial benefits to them and their friends.

I will blame the tech billionaires and the other corrupt forces who engineered the removal of Trump, partly because he curtailed the war porn industry they delight in.

And of course I will blame every slobbering, programmed retard with a Ukraine flag or a Ukraine profile who thinks the lives of innocent British people should be imperilled on behalf of a government of corrupt Nazis when the whole conflict could have been very easily avoided simply by not viewing Ukraine and Russia as targets for capture in a version of Risk but rather as places where actual human beings live.

Sending the cruise missiles really does represent a new depth of worthlessness in the behaviour of this godawful joke of a “Conservative” government. Opposing the Soviet Union was one thing, a genuinely and necessary defensive policy. Opposing Putin in the way they do is entirely another thing, signalling not adherence to fine principles but rather the lack of them, and the substitution of asinine virtue signalling, irregardless of the risk to their own citizens and the world, in their place.

Putin is not Hitler, or Stalin. I suspect our leaders are closer to that than him, save for the fact that whatever else can be said about them, Hitler and Stalin were not stupid as well as evil. Everyone formulating current mainstream policy, is.

Risking our lives for this war is unforgivable.

— Daniel Jupp (via Richard Ruggiero)



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