Slave Reparations in the Trillions?

Reparations for black residents in California are forecasted to cost $800 billion — more than twice the cost of the state’s entire annual budget, but activists say that is not enough.

Last night, the task force approved recommendations for reparation payments, which are due to the state legislature by July 1, Breitbart reported. The nine-member task force called on lawmakers to make a formal apology for slavery and also requested that those eligible will receive “cash down payments.” [Breitbart 5/7/23]

How much is being proposed, and seriously considered by the California state government? $200 million for each and every black person in the state. $200 million each!

It can’t happen, you say? Why not? What or who will stop them in this one-party state, where everyone in power is a totalitarian racist and Communist?

Some Californians are running for their lives. But they’re taking their insanity and contaminating other states and cities with the same destruction they ran from. Politics does not destroy civilization; toxic ideas do. I can’t conceive of more toxic ideas than what we see happening in California. It’s apartheid, Jim Crow, Mao, Stalin and Hitler rolled up into one. And to top it off, they’re taking away fossil fuels and guaranteeing electricity shortages that have already plagued California for years.



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