Why There Will Be No Election 2024

I understand the sentiments of people excited about DeSantis, Trump 2.0 or even RFK, Jr., but — in all honesty — it’s too late for elections. We will need a Convention of states, or secession, or else we just continue to roll over for the Communist fascist freaks. Those are the choices. Republicans will NOT carry Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania or Arizona in the general election, no matter how many votes they get. This ensures a narrow and undoubtedly false Dem victory. These nasty totalitarians will absolutely not give up power, and if they think Biden’s going to lose, we will see something (in 2024) that makes 2020 look like a day at the beach. I promise.

I am not being negative. I am basing this on 100 percent experience of the last 3-4 years, and am trying to prepare you for what’s coming.

As Jim Crupi wrote in reply, on Facebook:

I agree, and the fact that the Supreme Court will not even consider looking at the fraud data being provided in many of these states, and the fact that these same states are not following their own Constitution regarding election laws/processes shows we are doomed, and after next week, the flood of non-citizens coming here to overwhelm us with chaos and destruction…we have already lost. Without a Convention of States and Term Limits, the frauds that are running both parties will continue this path simply because none of it affects them, their finances or their lifestyle.

Learn more about Convention of States HERE.



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