Why I Have Lost Respect for Republicans and their Media

“Trump is way ahead immediately after his indictment.

Now his lead is eroding again.

DeSantis is the man — he will beat out Trump. No he won’t; he overreached with Disney; wait a minute, he’s catching up with Trump again.

Who can beat Biden? Who will beat Biden? Will Biden be running? If not, who will be the Democrat? And can Trump or DeSantis beat him or her?”

Good grief. It’s all about the horse race — whether you’re reading leftist corporate media, right wing dissenting media, or anything else. It’s ALL about the horse race.

Why isn’t anyone asking the most important question of all: How can Trump or DeSantis (or any other Republican nominee) beat election fraud?

It’s almost as if the elections of 2020 and 2022 never happened. Even Trump, who to this day refuses to deny election fraud in 2020, acts and speaks as if there is no concern about fraud in the next presidential election. DeSantis, who seems to be on the verge of running for President himself, seems to assume he can count on the same voter integrity in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona that he — as governor — has managed to ensure in Florida.

I have lost any remaining respect I had for conservatives and their media. My respect for mainstream or leftist media has been gone longer than I can remember, for decades, at least; and it’s more like loathing than respect. But I thought Republicans like Trump and DeSantis were smarter than this.

I don’t understand what I’m missing. I feel like the lone sober person in the room with fifty other drunk or drugged people. Are they REALLY that out of touch?

Defeating election fraud — and talking about it hourly — should be the # 1 priority of every Republican candidate. Leftists should be put on the defensive, for once. Why do the vote counts and leading candidates keep reversing themselves after 2 am in borderline states? What is their defense of this finding? How are we supposed to trust the outcome of any election in a state run by people who have done this at least twice already?

I refuse to participate in the madness. I refuse to act and speak as if election fraud never happened, and that any hypothetical horse race between Biden and Trump or DeSantis even matters. It may matter in red states. But it does not matter in any blue state, nor in any borderline state with Democrats partially or fully in charge. Even in Georgia, with a Republican governor, it doesn’t matter. Because Atlanta controls the outcome in that state — and Atlanta is run by Black Lives Matter terrorists and Communists. Pennsylvania has plenty of Republicans, but not enough to counter the out-in-the-open criminal fraud in leftist-run cities like Philadelphia.

I wonder how many suspicious losses it will take for Republicans to start to realize we desperately need a Plan B — and an Electoral College corrupted by outright, virtually out-in-the-open fraud, is not going to work out for us. I wonder if they will ever wake up.



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