Is There NOTHING Good Americans Will Not Take?

DemComs are capable of anything. They locked down the country for the flu. They openly cheated in and likely stole one and maybe two national elections for President, U.S. Senate. They are using state and/or federal executive orders (dictatorship) to outlaw fossil fuels and literally shut down civilization. They are using bribes and threats to corporations to nationalize the means of production (fascism). They are advancing literally insane ideas and threatening harm to people who don’t agree with them (Maoism). They are arresting a former President who received 74 million votes (at least) in an incoherent pseudolegal process with no known substantive legal charges.

If all this isn’t a basis for some kind of major upheaval, revolt, or mass civil disobedience, then what exactly would constitute one? How long before people openly defy a regime that’s openly violating every single one of their rights? Is there NO point at which people will simply stop taking it?

A Facebook follower asks:

I have been asking this forever. So glad you said it out loud. What the hell is wrong with the American people ? Do they have no back bone? Are they too complacent? Are they phlegmatic?

My reply:

They think it will blow over. That it can’t happen here. That losing a job is worse than losing their freedom. That somebody, somehow, is going to rescue them. Nobody rescued the pioneers. Nobody rescued George Washington’s army. Nobody rescued the people who built America’s great cities and heartland. Americans–the good ones–are going to learn very, very hard lessons and pay a terrible price for letting the sociopaths in power exploit them. It’s like watching a loved one step before an oncoming train, seemingly blissfully ignorant that nothing is going to happen–and watching helplessly, unable to prevent the disaster.




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