“Election” 2024: And the Band Plays On …

Increasingly, I am giving up on most people who call themselves conservative, Republican, independent, libertarian or in any other respect claim to oppose what’s being done to our nation, in plain daylight.

The biggest problem is Republican and conservative denial. The band plays on, and the outcome will be the same in 2024 as in 2020.

Perhaps Trump will be contesting things, or DeSantis will, in the aftermath of another electoral debacle. Perhaps Biden will have “won” with 85 million “votes” this time, or else it will be Michelle Obama or Buttigieg or Harris. Conservatives say in 2023, “No, it can’t happen”. In 2024 they’ll say, “How did it happen?” Then in 2025 they’ll be looking ahead to 2028 claiming, “No, it will never happen. This is America.” They’ll be saying it all the way to the concentration camps–or whatever 21st Century equivalent these woke, wicked freaks come up with, especially when they wreck the prosperity of tens of millions of Americans by generating more inflation and a collapse of banking.



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