Why the Media Will First Destroy Trump, then DeSantis

The media wanted to destroy Trump, which is why they relentlessly, mercilessly and dishonestly have attacked Trump for the last 8 years.
Now the media seems to like DeSantis — NOT because of his policies, but because they see DeSantis as a means of destroying Trump. If DeSantis snatches the Republican nomination from Trump, then he has destroyed Trump, the media thinks — and the media will be happy.

If DeSantis beats Trump, the media will then work tirelessly and mercilessly to destroy DeSantis. Because DeSantis, after all, must be strong to have destroyed Trump. Now DeSantis must be destroyed.

The media only cares about destruction — most of all, the destruction of America. They wish to destroy America because the media — trained by the cultural elites — wishes to destroy everything rational, beautiful and good. The media wishes to destroy freedom.

DeSantis and Trump have to be destroyed, according to the media, because America has to be destroyed. It’s as simple as that.

If you listen to or in any way follow 99 percent of the media as we know it, then (intentionally or not), you’re participating in your own destruction.



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