Gays, Lesbians Supporting DemComs? Stupid!

Gay activists say if you’re gay or lesbian, you must support Democrats. But Democrats, today, are Communists. They place the supremacy of the state over the individual. They don’t believe in private property, other than property owned by billionaires who in turn fund the government in a protection racket. The don’t believe in free speech–other than for people who agree with them. They don’t believe in due process of law–unless you are a member and supporter of their Party.

No member of any “oppressed minority” should feel safe in the hands of collectivists, socialists or Communists. Their support for your right to love whom you want is (at best) conditional. Their support for your right to choice of sex partner is overridden entirely by their claim to all your property, all of your income, your right to criticize them, your right to choose your medical treatment, and your right to exist.

If you’re gay or lesbian, you don’t have to support Republicans if you don’t want. But so long as you continue to support American Marxists, you have signed a death warrant for all of your freedom.




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