Communism is ALWAYS Toxic (Every Time It’s Tried)

“Liberals love to vote for other liberals, but once the safety and quality of life of their own environment and neighborhoods starts to fall apart, they start to hire other less radical Democrats or even Republicans to clean up the mess,” some conservative commentator said. “The mayors of other big cities like Portland, Oregon, Seattle, and possibly even Austin, Texas, have definitely been watching Mayor Lightfoot’s demise and are surely contemplating their own political survival as well.”

The problem is that defeating one Communist and replacing her with another Communist will not change the fact that COMMUNISM IS ALWAYS TOXIC. The problem with blue cities is that they are trapped in one-party rule.

Communist Cuba and Communist Venezuela are still catastrophes even after the deaths of Castro and Chavez. Why? BECAUSE THEY’RE STILL COMMUNIST. Until or unless cities like Chicago, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle get a Reagan, a Thatcher or a Giuliani–they’re toast.

I like these comments from readers on Facebook:

The problem with blue cities is that they have trapped THEMSELVES in one party rule. They could change it but due to their innate psychosis are unable to vote GOP.

I think this is just as likely (unfortunately)….
They’ll blame their failings on “not being able to fully implement their plans due to resistance from conservatives”. Their leftist base will then say, “well, you weren’t strong enough to overcome the big mean freedom and liberty people, so weren’t going to elect someone even worse than you!”

… all the while failing to comprehend that the beauty of the system, as founded, is that NO ONE be so powerful that their policies can be implemented by force, over the will of the people.




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