Trump’s Not the Issue; Weaponizing the Judiciary IS

Politicizing the judiciary is the worst thing to happen in American history. It’s the very thing the colonists fought against. The British tyranny was not as brazen as today’s nasty prosecutors going after, first, all things Trump and — once Trump is crushed — then after all things not supportive of the Uniparty.

It’s so, so bad. So unjust. So incredibly dangerous. Most Americans don’t seem to grasp the magnitude and implications of the problem. Living under a dictatorship will be dangerous for everyone, because everyone is a suspect in such a situation. And dictatorships destroy economic prosperity. Hyperinflation, economic decline and general business collapses are caused by tyrannies — not by free people.

It’s so incredibly hard, sad and shocking to watch. I am glad I don’t have children.



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