Helping Ukraine: Immoral and Impractical

So much faulty thinking on the subject of Ukraine. Case in point:

Dr. Hurd, I agree with so many things you publish, but not this. Helping defend Ukraine against the KGB trained thug—Putin—is the right thing, the moral thing, and the practical thing to do.

If you want to help a Commie fascist like Biden “do the right thing”, I won’t stop you. But by what right do YOU force ME to pay for it? And how on earth do you evade the evidence showing the unethical and illegal relationship between the Biden criminal family and the Ukrainians?

I’m not forcing you to do anything. But if you’re trying to convince people, you’re using the wrong tactic. Meanwhile, allow me to repeat: helping Ukraine survive Putin’s criminal assault on civilians is the right thing, the moral thing, the practical thing to do.

You ARE trying to force me by using billions and billions in tax dollars to help Biden pay off his cronies overseas. You’re trying to evade your faulty premise by attacking my tactics. Your premise will be wrong regardless of my tactics.

People think that because Putin is a BAD guy, then Biden (and anyone he makes secret deals with, using U.S. taxpayer money) are good guys. They are ALL bad guys. The damage America’s present lawless, amoral politicians are doing may end up even worse than all Putin has done. These people who argue otherwise are mindless and clueless.


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