“Investigations” in the Age of Unreason

We live in the Era of Investigation. Everyone everywhere, it seems, is being “investigated.” It’s ironic, because investigation, as a concept, refers to a rational, fact-finding, conceptually integrating process. Our era is anything but rational. Our era is ruthlessly dishonest; it’s full of propaganda masquerading as truth; there is no due process, no intelligence, no reasoning, no thinking, no cognition. It’s all arbitrary, bias, and raw emotion. Either you support the Narrative — or you’re out. Collateral damage.

Investigation also applies to seeking justice. When there is no objective truth, and only a subjectively based Narrative — you can be sure there will be no justice. Justice is never the goal.

Perhaps the yearning for “investigation” is a way for human beings attempting to get back what they sense they lost: reason.

As Jim Aloye wrote on my Facebook thread:

Investigation (Noun): a process designed to serve as a threat made by those who hold power against those who they fear can threaten their power. Promulgating an investigation will create risk of financial destruction, job loss, public shunning, de-platforming, potential removal from the global economy, and potential jail time for anything they can uncover to use against you to neutralize your ability to threaten their power. U.S.A. Definition of Investigation as of 2023.




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