The U.S. is No Longer the U.S.

“Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO [World Health Organization] Authority Over US Pandemic Policies” [headline from]

This is the equivalent of giving the Chinese Communist Party–which is what WHO is–control over all 50 states. Not just New York and California, already run by Communists; but Texas, Florida, South Dakota, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Arkansas too.

Unless election fraud is magically fixed very soon, this is everyone’s future. Now do you understand why we need the decentralization of secession?


A Rasmussen Reports poll found that only 45 percent of voters under 40 say capitalism is better than socialism, while strong majorities of every other age group support capitalism. More than a third (34 percent) of voters under 40 think socialism is better, compared to 11 percent of voters ages 40-64 and 7 percent of voters 65 and above.

In the next couple of decades, America as we know it will be gone. The snowflakes will get their socialism, and my, how they’ll scream.



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