Has God Left the Building?

My response to Peter Fithian (on Facebook), who speculates that God has left the building and nobody is coming to rescue us:

Yes, most of human history has been miserable because of bad ideas and bad choices. The Enlightenment/Renaissance era that gave rise to the United States and life as we have known it may have been a blessing, but it was no accident. It was the product of rational, benevolent ideas and the individuals who put them into practice. Today, the entire planet seems dominated by literal creeps and thugs, the most banal and pitiful specimens ever. None of it is an accident.

As someone once said, “Ideas move man, and man moves the world.” When ideas become rotten or nonexistent you get — well, look around. If there is an all-knowing and benevolent Being, I am sure that Being is ashamed and embarrassed for the wreckage we created out of the greatest legacy in all of human history.



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