The Cult of Leftism

“The deepest sin against the human mind is to believe things without evidence.”

— Aldous Huxley

Wow. There are a LOT of sinners today.

Most of it emanates not from the religious right, but from the “progressive” cultural left. They THINK they’re scientific, original and sophisticated.

They’re more primitive than the crudest of evangelical preachers or savages on a desert island. They have equipped us less for dealing with objective reality than any set of attitudes and ideas in all of human history.

They “teach” and “motivate” with unsupported emotion, undigested anti-conceptualization, nasty intimidation and — when all else fails — sheer brute force. They’re Communists, Nazis and Iranian mullahs all rolled up into one. They are the biggest disaster, intellectually and psychologically, in all of human history, which is really saying something. Yet about half of us take them at their word and even applaud them; while most of the other half of us bow our heads in disgust while feeling petrified that some loony leftist co-worker, family member or neighbor might shame us as unfit for humanity.

If we keep listening to them, we are screwed. But ONLY if we keep listening to them.




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