Leftists Even Got the Super Bowl

If you don’t like football, you’re fortunate. You don’t have to watch the Super Bowl. If you don’t have to watch the Super Bowl, you don’t have to hear the “black national anthem.” It’s not a celebration of black people. America was not designed to be a country for black people OR white people OR anyone of any particular race. America was designed to be a country of INDIVIDUALS. By elevating the black national anthem above the regular national anthem, it’s a woke statement of racial superiority over individual superiority.

There is no racial superiority. Under the law, we are all the same. What we do with our individuality is up to each one of us, and is not a function of our race or ancestry; it’s a function of our values and our choices. The national anthem — whatever its words — is supposed to celebrate the equality of individuals under the law; NOT the elevation of one race above another. Imagine the shrieking (justifiably) if the Super Bowl had a “white national anthem.” Or even an Asian or Hispanic national anthem. Celebrating race is racist, just as much as condemning race. We are supposed to transcend race. That’s what America was originally all about. That was central to Martin Luther King’s message. Martin Luther King is no longer woke enough for the rotten, morally and intellectually vapid nihilists in charge of everything, including the Super Bowl.

So if you’re stuck watching the Super Bowl because you like football, you’re participating in the destruction of American culture and American freedom. (I am sure the black national anthem is not the only instance of wokeness you’ll have to endure.) It’s sad. I don’t wish to spoil your fun and tell you not to watch the Super Bowl. I don’t wish to make things that aren’t political political. But don’t you see? Your rulers in government, corporate culture and everywhere else have made sure that everything IS political. It’s THEIR politics, their attitudes, their (irrational) viewpoints … or nothing. They smuggled in their own, and if you complain even for a moment, you’re condemned (or worse).

Mao Zedong of Communist China understood the same thing today’s leftists who rule America clearly understand: Once you control the culture, you’ve got everything. Even I never thought the leftist idiots who have ruled America’s college campuses and government-run schools since the 60s and 70s would defeat American culture so easily.

But there you have it–they even got the Super Bowl.



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