Bill Gates: Adores His Self-Image as an Agent of Change

Bill Gates is bragging that his brand of fascism-applied-to-technology will “change the world.” He’s counting on us to assume that change is automatically and always good. Good for whom? And why is change always good for all?

Keep in mind that Hitler changed Germany from a fairly prosperous and free nation into a dystopian nightmare. Marx, Stalin and Mao similarly transformed their societies. So if change is automatically and always good, then how come so much change offered by those who brag about it has been so incredibly destructive?

Obama promised to transform America, and he ruined it. Biden is his victory flag. Fauci declared that HE is science, and he has single-handedly made a farce out of man’s most remarkable achievement (science, especially medicine). Gates buys up farmland and promises to make us all go on a diet that his family will never have to endure. Zuckerberg transforms American media into the same thing you see in Cuba and China, and found in Soviet Russia and Hitler’s regime back in the day.

We are surrounded by twisted megalomaniacs bossing around and dominating people humbled into cluelessness, seemingly beyond repair. Where is the critical thinking and the courage to express it?



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