All Eyes on DeSantis

How smart is DeSantis? If he’s really smart, he won’t waste time running for President. He will lead Florida OUT of the Biden regime, either through secession or some other creative means of liberation.

The media has DeSantis running already, despite no hint of an announcement by him. They want anything to annoy Trump. They want a horse race, because it will give them more viewers and make them money. The Commies in the media despise capitalism (i.e., economic freedom for you and I) but they sure love money (for themselves).

Most Trumpies have lost respect for Trump, because he’s foolish enough to think he can win an election when no meaningful Republican or conservative can. Not with mail-in voting and everything else still in place in swing states. Trump, who was smart about so much, has NO plan to fight mail-in voting. I believe he’s done, and I still think the politically based DOJ will get him.

The media, like all totalitarians, want the pretense of a show–an election. They know full well which Party will prevail. Frankly, I think Biden will prevail. It’s really up to the Party, but I think the Party wants Biden. Why mess with success? From the leftist point of view, they are winning every issue with no end in sight. No matter how unpopular they may be, no matter how destructive their actions are for 98 percent of the population–they continue to prevail. Biden is the Party’s way of saying: “We’ve got you. We don’t even need a strongman, like a Hitler or a Castro. We have elevated the biggest moron in human history to destroy your freedom. And you’re powerless. We’ve got you.”

It’s too late for an election to save us. Elections did us no good in 2020, nor in 2022 (aside from a little symbolism).



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