Guns and Vaxes — Quite the Parallel!

After another shooting in California, where guns are virtually illegal, VP Kamala Harris appears 5 minutes later & demands guns be outlawed. Ah, Dystopia!

Not five minutes after the latest mass shooting in California, VP Kamala Harris, U.S. Senators and their media all screamed that the violence is the fault of peaceful people who own guns.

Somehow, if you own a gun — for self-protection, not to initiate harm against anyone — then it’s YOUR fault that other people choose to use guns to initiate harm against others. If you turned in your gun immediately, this would somehow stop violent sociopaths from doing their thing.

Consider the parallels.

“Vaxed people get COVID because of people who didn’t get vaxed.” (We heard it in 2021.)

“Mass shootings only occur in gun controlled California because other states don’t have gun control like California does.” (We’re hearing it now.)

See the connection?

States and localities WITHOUT stupid, ineffective laws are blamed for the failures in states WITH stupid, ineffective laws.

Individuals who refuse to take ineffective, even dangerous, experimental medical treatments developed by a corrupt government are blamed for the ineffectiveness and even dangerousness of those experimental treatments. They are blamed by the corrupt, lying government (and its media apologists).

We live in truly warped, diabolical times.


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