“Afraid Because Their Neighbor Is”

“Only a few to begin with, but silly notions can be contagious. Fears spread, and some people who wouldn’t be afraid if left to themselves, become afraid because their neighbor is. Haven’t you ever noticed that sort of thing?” (Isaac Asimov, in the novel Nemesis)

Our rulers — all of them still in power, not one of them punished, in any way — have learned something very important. If you scare enough people, you can get them to do ANYTHING. Literally anything. COVID fascism. Maybe another Nazi Germany. Some Green-rationalized equivalent of Nazi Germany. You’d need people even more imaginative than Isaac Asimov, George Orwell or Ayn Rand to project what will come next.

We’re told it’s paranoid to suggest such a thing. But “paranoia” implies removed from evidence. When ALL of the available evidence proves that a majority of people (1) will listen to the news blindly; and (2) will believe the government (who directs 95 percent of that news media) without question when scared … then all bets are off.

If people had made the mistakes they made during COVID fascism and the vax hysteria, but then course corrected and rebelled against everyone responsible like it was 1776, that would be one thing. No such thing happened. We are sitting ducks for another — and much worse — abuse of power orchestrated by a government with no scruples, morals or standards of any kind, whatsoever.

Think of a mass shooter. The mass shooter opens fire on a population in order to instill fear and grab a sick sense of power. It’s no different with the Faucis, the Soros, the Gates or the Hitlers or Stalins of the world. They don’t just want money; they already have plenty of that. It’s power they crave. The power is a narcotic for the sociopath or psychopath. These are the people to whom we give unlimited power (through the government, directly or indirectly) so that they make use of us as their own personal heroin.

It’s how Nazi Germany and so many other disasters of human history happened. It’s how the next one is going to happen, and it’s building right now. By succumbing to fear or conformity, you’re participating in the disaster, and you will be partially responsible for it. Why doesn’t THAT scare you, at least a little?

It’s not paranoia and it’s not conspiracy. It’s plain, irrefutable fact. And the majority of us (present company excluded) have done this to ourselves.




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