Beware When Leftists/Statists Say: “Everything’s On the Table”

I keep hearing the phrase from leftists and statists: “Everything is on the table.” When the DemComs took over the presidency and Congress two years ago, this is what they said. Recently bureaucrats planning to outlaw gas stoves said the same thing. We also heard it from Biden and his henchpersons during the era of the vaccine mandates and when national lockdowns and mask mandates were considered.

“Everything” on the table refers to your inalienable rights. When a bureaucrat or politician utters these words, he literally means — and intends to convey — that your rights are all negotiable. Not even negotiable — but in the bureaucrat’s hands to do with whatever he pleases.

It took less than this to spark the first American revolution. It took about this much for people to stand up to slavery in the 19th Century.

Today’s America is, by all indications, asleep. People are passive, indifferent or even hostile to the concept of their own inalienable rights. Remember, the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution were formed to protect and uphold rights THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. You can call them God-given or natural; either way, those rights do NOT come from the government. They do not get revoked or restored at the whim of some bureaucrat or “administration” or regime. Those rights exists whether others choose to recognize and honor them, or not.

If you continue to act like you don’t care, or that you have no inalienable rights, then there’s no limit to what these people are going to do to you. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Not by me — but by America’s founders, some of the wisest souls who ever lived.




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