America’s Solutions Are No Longer Political

The fight within the Republican Party over choice of Speaker of the House reveals the frustration over the fact that our “two” political parties are now a Uniparty. There’s no disagreement on anything important, when it comes to action or principle. It’s only a matter of price tag, or time.

Get real: Washington DC is rotten to the core, & is irredeemable. Most of us know it, but are not quite ready to say it. The sooner we accept it, the sooner we can come up with alternatives. The Biden regime is NOT the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights. Neither is most of the GOP.

Kevin McCarthy is not going to fix it. Nor will anybody else. By definition, if you are part of this horrible government, you are now part of the problem — even if you’re one of the minority who doesn’t mean to be.

The real issue? The solutions are no longer political. Political solutions come from a change in government. But morality is more fundamental than government. Once morality is out the window, the Constitution — based on a strong moral code of individualism, individual rights, private property and free markets — cannot survive.

Again, get real. Nobody attracted to the leftist Communist-fascist movement that is now the Democratic Party qualifies as a moral person. Some attracted to the Republican Party are moral, and some are not. But after a few years in office, most of them no longer are decent people. And if they are, they’re simply ineffectual. Not because of any personal failings, necessarily; but you don’t send in a Boy Scout to tame a gang of murderous mobsters. The murderous mobsters — by the definition of who they are — would not listen to anyone virtuous.

It’s not that the situation is hopeless. It’s just that the solutions to the situation are no longer political. Our government is a gang of ruthless, rotten, corrupt, more often than not murderous mobsters. It doesn’t really matter what Kevin McCarthy is. He tries to straddle the middle between good guys and bad guys, to please everyone, but it frankly doesn’t matter if he prevails. In order to please the people really in charge, he has to become one of them — and most likely, as his critics point out, already is.

When we the people living under this gang of mobsters become better people — which includes becoming less fearful — then we the people, as a group, will rise up and refuse to tolerate any of it any longer. We’ll simply stop accepting the legitimacy of having most of our lives run by a gang of mobsters. The government as we know it will either wither away, or be replaced by something much more compatible with the original American Constitution.

But so long as half or so of us WANT these mobsters, and the other half or so pretend they aren’t mobsters, then we’re going to remain the victims we are.


Photo credit: Ken Cedeno/Sipa USA(Sipa via AP Images)



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