What They Call “Science” is Actually Good Old Fashioned Communism

The left — old and new — is wrong about EVERYTHING.

The recent example of COVID tells all. The death rate was little worse than the flu; and who knows how much better the death rate would have been had we not endured the “unintended” consequences of locking down for a year.

The “vaccine” was supposed to eradicate COVID. Instead, everyone who got the vaccine is still getting COVID. Many who never got the vaccine haven’t had COVID once. How can that be? Healthy people who did get the vaccine are dropping like flies — 35 year olds with heart attacks, perfectly healthy 40 or 50 or 60 years olds dying in their sleep — for no explainable reason. How can that be? We can’t find out, because asking the question is almost enough by itself to get you cancelled and — on our current course — imprisoned.

Then there’s the Green agenda. For a generation or more, we’re told the earth is warming. We’re told this is a BAD thing, and that the warming is ALL due to man-made activity, specifically fossil fuels and eating meat (specifically, two things that Commie leftist fascists like Bill Gates don’t like). So the solution, we’re told, is to outlaw fossil fuels, thereby cooling the earth and saving mankind for life under a modern hybrid of Communist-fascist totalitarian dictatorship.

Every time it’s hotter than usual we’re told, “See? That’s global warming.”

If you research the ACTUAL evidence there is, if anything, another ice age coming. It’s not imminent and the evidence is NOT conclusive. But if there’s any hypothesis with a rational basis, that’s it. And it does seem to be getting chillier.

So if we followed the science — which is nothing more than a hypothesis, at most — then we’d actually hope for man-made global warming. This would counter the effects of the coming ice age, a hypothesis for which there actually is evidence, at least if you’re looking across the centuries and millennia.

As with COVID, you find out pretty quickly that if you challenge “the science” with actual facts and evidence, you’re censored, ridiculed and/or threatened pretty quickly. With only one party in power and only one party (DemCom-RINO) having any prospect  on the federal level in America (thanks to election fraud and overwhelming media bias), your freedom itself is increasingly threatened.

THEY call it “science.” In reality, it’s The Narrative. You may not question The Narrative of the authorities. They’ve hijacked the word and concept “science” to force you to think, believe and do only what they want you to think, believe and do.

We saw it with COVID and we’re still seeing it. We will continue to see it with the Green agenda. And if you think it’s stopping there, you understand nothing about human nature (at its worst) and nothing about the logical predictability of unchecked power whenever previously exercised throughout human history.



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