The Naivete of Conservatives is more than a little Unnerving

My response to a conservative on Twitter who wrote, “Trump’s not going to jail because he’s not guilty of anything”:

Of course Trump’s not guilty of anything. But criminals are in charge of the FBI, the DOJ, the White House, the entire Democratic Party and much of the Republican Party. Innocent people are arrested all the time under one-party regimes, such as we now have.

Wow … the naivete of conservatives, including pro-Trump people, is unnerving. Do they think they will be saved by magic? Do they think they’re living in a comic book? This is real life. America is an emerging dictatorship. Dictatorships exist to torture, imprison and murder.

What else do they think will happen on our present course? Leftist dictators are 100 percent unencumbered.

If you fantasize that the American Bill of Rights and tradition of (more or less) freedom in the USA will save you, then you might as well be on drugs.

Leftists cannot and will not tolerate living in a world where rational, freedom-loving, life-loving, articulate and principled people are free to speak. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE NONE OF THESE THINGS. And it makes them look bad.

Republicans TALKED about arresting and charging Hillary Clinton, but never did. Democrats TALKED about arresting and jailing Donald Trump, and are well on their way to doing so. THAT’S the difference between the Evil party, and the Stupid party.



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