The FBI, Criminals … What’s the Difference, Really? (and Other Tweets)

Four people impersonate FBI agents — gear and all — and initially get away with it.

Kind of makes sense. After all, how different are today’s FBI and today’s criminals? Except the FBI is more dangerous. And better funded.


The stock market tanked yesterday. Interest rates are going up, and even the government spokespersons acknowledge inflation isn’t going anywhere.

Marxism, 21st century style: Decimate the greatest economy in all of human history. Then send a pittance to the survivors. Leave 1 percent to live off the lion’s share of what’s left. SICK. But happening right before our eyes.


Bad habits die hard.

It’s an expression fit for an addict — or a society addicted to endless, Big Government.

History will record that it was Republcians, through cowardice and lies, who ultimately destroyed America. Remember, it’s the Establishment Republicans (the ones in charge, the ones in office more than 5 years, in most cases) who brought down Donald Trump. Even Democrats could not have done it alone.

Even if you no longer like Donald Trump, remember: they did it. In bringing him down, they won. Enjoy the results, you RINOs, “libertarians” and “Objectivists” out there. You’re just as much to blame for everything that’s happening, and everything that’s coming.


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