Under Tyranny, The Narrative Trumps the Truth

“These days, when the truth conflicts with The Narrative, the truth must always apologize.” (Bill Maher)


“Since when did unquestioning obedience to corporate interests become patriotic?” This was a bumper sticker from the Bush years. Today, now that large corporations act literally as agents of left wing government compulsion, leftists LOVE corporations.



Another famous fascist, Benito Mussolini further clarified, “Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”

That’s where America is now, corporate and government power merging into a totalitarian behemoth, crushing any and all dissent. Note that this isn’t nationalizing private corporations as in Venezuela and Cuba, but it’s the government still controlling corporations through coercion and collaboration.

(from The American Thinker)


If Republican secretaries of state did a deep clean of their voter roll — including door-to-door canvassing to see just how many of those 16 voters live in that 875 square house, they would look ridiculous for letting it go on for so long.

Leftist groups would hammer them for “voter suppression” because suppressing the votes of the dead, the missing, those who live on vacant lots would get negative press.

So they deny it!

The preposterous RNC/Federalist/Hannity “advice” that in order to win, Republicans need to up their ground game for early voting gets traction.

The books are cooked!

No matter how many votes Republicans bring to the party in early voting, the leftists, NGOs, churches, and homeless shelters will produce more — always enough to win.

Leftists never win by a lot. They never win on election day — it is always a few days afterward. Ever wonder why?

The leftists know they cannot win straight up.

They keep it close and find a broken water main or turn the lights out to stop counting. Then they open that second set of books and BAM! here are the votes needed to win — by 1% or less. Don’t be greedy!

(from The American Thinker)



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