It’s Not About States’ Rights; It’s About INDIVIDUAL Rights

Secession, resistance and nullification are all we have left.

Elections are pointless. Republicans will not win. And even if they do, most Republicans are RINOs. Or they become RINOs after a few years in the Imperial City, with rare exception.

Trump is over, we’re told. But even if he’s not, how can he win? What’s different in 2023 or 2024 compared to 2020? Or if the only other meaningful Republican — DeSantis –runs for President, how can he win? The rules aren’t rigged in Florida. Alternative media is allowed to speak and function in Florida. Nationally, that’s not so. Social media deletes everything it dislikes, and 99 percent of what they delete is nonleftist.

Show me an alternative to nullification or secession — in other words, getting the hell away from a rotten, statist, tyrannical federal regime that’s so corrupt, and so hopeless, it makes the tyranny that the American revolutionaries fought (and managed to defeat) in 1776 small potatoes, in comparison. Show me an alternative to divorce.

Prove to me that a RINO Republican can win, and that such a victory (of a Romney, or a Cheney or a Bush–all of whom actively support far left Democrats) will make any difference. Prove to me that a Trump, a DeSantis or someone else like that can win in a climate of mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, overt intimidation, dark money (i.e., unlimited spending permitted for leftists, no unregulated spending permitted for nonleftists) and a media that won’t permit coverage or discussion of shocking violations of the law and common sense when it comes to elections.

Prove to me that there’s a better alternative. Don’t use the past as proof. Don’t say, “This is America. It can’t happen here.” It already has happened here. And it’s happening more every day. Just read the indirectly state-run media. Just read the propaganda; the facts we’re allowed to see are bad enough. Imagine the things we don’t know!

The past is over. This isn’t America. This is just another formerly free country that is trending authoritarian and on the road to totalitarian tyranny. That’s why we’re staring down the barrel of hyperinflation, wealth redistribution from the productive to the willfully insane, total economic ruin for the middle class (like Venezula, on our current fiscal course) and totalitarian government control (Chinese Communist style) rationalized first by medical fascism (that will return) and (ultimately) by “climate change” fascism. It’s all happening in a culture dominated by professors, bureaucrats and celebrity figures who are either bat-shit crazy or just plain evil — and whom the allegedly silent majority will NOT stand up to, not under any conditions. Cowardice and freedom cannot coexist.

Prove to me there’s a better alternative than just walking away, like the American revolutionaries did. I would love to know of one.



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