Lovers of the Constitution in Name Only

I just got a junk email from John Bolton, a former Trump administration official, who now says his former boss has brazenly attacked the Constitution and must be silenced, jailed or whatever else. (And oh; John Bolton wants money too.)

I am SICK of these RINOs and others who keep saying “Donald Trump has challenged the Constitution itself.” He has not. They are twisting his words to make it seem like he has challenged the Constitution, when he has not done so.

Worse yet, these RINOs ignore the fact that leftists and Democrats — whom they view as much better than Donald Trump — violate the Constitution with every word, every action and every breath they take.

Why is Donald Trump challenging the validity of 2020 (or 2022) election results the worst thing anyone has ever done in human history, while the following actions of Democrats do not even merit a scolding? I am referring to:

Arresting and locking people up for political disagreements (nearly two years and counting for J6 suspects, no due process); threatening to confiscate guns; openly ordering Facebook and other social media companies (as if they needed ordering) to censor any and all politically incorrect thought, including any facts that conflict with the narratives of the regime in power; defunding and demoralizing the police; hiring 85,000 IRS agents to fiscally rape the middle class; recklessly expanding the money supply (inflation) so as to devalue our currency and make life unlivable for members of the middle class who opt not to live on the government dole; disrupt not just the economy but civilization as we know it by declaring fossil fuels illegal in 6-8 years; disregarding our nation’s borders totally; and decimating our military through indoctrination with psychotic and Marxist ideas. These are just a FEW of the offenses ignored or minimized by the likes of John Bolton.

If the Constitution were really the concern of John Bolton and other RINOs who now find Donald Trump to be the worst thing that has ever happened in all of human civilization, then why aren’t they AT LEAST as upset by the actions of the Democrats, i.e., American fascists and American Communists they now implicitly (if not explicitly) support?

It’s madness too hideous to contemplate. Yet here we are.



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