More Observations from the Underground

The money laundering circle was: Democrats vote to send funds to Ukraine, Ukraine invests in FTX, FTX cryptocurrency was funneled back to the same Democrats.

To tie everything together, it appears that [probable incoming U.S. Speaker of the House under Republicans] Kevin McCarthy used money from FTX to take out MAGA candidates, including Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina.

[From The American Thinker]


Andrea Widburg:

“CBDC, which stands for Central Bank Digital Currency, is possibly the most dangerous idea ever bandied about in American politics.

The plan is that the federal government would end paper and coin money in favor of purely digital money—all under the government’s control. Suddenly, in addition to your bank’s ATM, you would be dependent on the federal government’s ATM for every penny you possess. It would be the Chinese social credit system and the Canadian “let’s shut down the bank accounts for anyone protesting the government” system all rolled up into one.

Tucker Carlson discussed it on his Friday night show, during which he said, correctly, that it would be the end of America because it would make us all slaves to the government. Do what the government says, and you can buy food and pay rent. Offend the government, and you will be cut off. Suddenly, every American would be a potential January 6 prisoner.”



The MSM and the left always say the Nazis were “right wing.” But Nazi literally means National Socialist German Workers’ Party. They were far left socialists who supported gun control, abortion, socialized health care and strongly hated capitalism. Just like leftists today.



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