It’s Back

It’s what tyrannies do. They create a situation where you let your guard down — and then they strike again. They — the politicians, the bureaucrats, the regulators, all the members of the Uniparty headquartered in D.C., in academia, in the media, in corporate America — are sadists. You must understand: It gives them pleasure — sick pleasure, psychopathological pleasure — to strike people when they’re least aware, happiest or most relaxed. It’s emotional abuse.

They get off on it.

The latest? Fauci (I told you he would never retire) is now blaming the “unvaccinated” for renewed COVID problems he claims are coming this winter. The Biden regime’s HHS –which also should be 100 percent defunded by Republicans, but won’t be — is hinting at mask mandates, perhaps national ones. DeSantis is speaking as if he’s ready to fight, but will any other Republicans anywhere be ready to fight? Or will they just roll over, as they have with absolutely everything else?

I don’t think most of us would favor the opening up of a prison and letting the released psychopaths take over the government. But psychopaths are in control of the federal government, all big city governments, most small city governments, and anywhere with blue voting patterns. We can expect more and more and more of the same, until or unless we remove these people from office, by arrest if necessary, so they stop doing this to innocent people. Even if their elections were legitimate, nobody — according to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, anyway — has a right to vote tyrants into office. The Constitution was supposed to protect us from a Stalin, a Hitler — OR a Fauci, or a Biden.

I am grateful for DeSantis, but right now he is — aside from poor Donald Trump — our ONLY defender. Conservatives and liberty lovers: IT’S TIME TO GROW A SPINE.




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