Nullification and Secession: Should Become Part of Our Vocabulary

Thomas Jefferson: “Whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers … a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.”

There goes about 95 percent of what the federal government currently does…if only we would listen to Jefferson.

If Trump (still President in 2020) could not stop ballot harvesting, mail-in voting, and early morning data dumps like seen in Arizona, PA, Michigan and elsewhere in both 2020 and 2022, then how can DeSantis (merely Governor of Florida) stop it?

Conservatives and Republicans: Denial is not your friend.

Secession and nullification are the alternatives to continuing in this totally lawless charade.

Walk away from the scummy dictatorship that now rules our culture, and our government. Just walk away. What can they do to millions of us if we actually start to fight back? And isn’t fighting for our freedom worth it?



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