Before You Support DeSantis for President …

Don’t get me wrong. DeSantis is fantastic.

But the fact remains: He will not win nationally so long as there is mail-in voting and other easy means of fraud for Democrats. We are not merely dealing with partisans who will step aside if they lose.

We are dealing with sociopaths, utter tyrants who are capable of literally anything in order to hold power. They destroyed Trump and he’s on the path to jail. Do you seriously think DeSantis will fare any better?

We are at war. If we keep acting like it’s just electoral politics while they rip our Constitution to shreds and laugh about it, we will not win this war.

We are up against monsters who will do untold, probably irreparable damage to our economy and our freedom long before DeSantis even has a chance to run–and certainly lose under the present rigged system of subjective voting controlled by one party.



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