Patriots: Check Your Premises

DemComs will control the U.S. Senate and possibly the House.

Now you see why they were never worried.

Imagine the damage they will inflict over the next 2 years. And you think another election in 2024 will save you?

COVID gave us mail-in voting. Mail-in voting gave us one-party government.

Increasingly, the question becomes: how did decent, good people who love liberty lose their freedom to a bunch of hypocritical, money-grubbing, billionaire socialist, child-mutilating, power-lusting, faux tree-hugging, civilization-hating psychopaths?

It must go deeper than electoral fraud or corruption in the Imperial City, although those factors are certainly in play.

But at the end of the day, evil is (by definition) weak and stupid. Evil’s willful evasion of reality, facts and intelligence are precisely what make it evil. Smart, intellectually honest people or movements are not always right, but they are never evil. Today, everywhere we look, we see: raw, undiluted, gleeful, mocking wretchedness is staring us in the face. It dominates our culture, our government and by the minute spits not just on decent values, but on values as such. Morally, psychologically and with almost dark comedic clarity, these people claiming to be our spiritual, moral, economic or political leaders are sheer MONSTERS.

So it begs the question: Where have good people gone wrong? How did we get overtaken by such BAD, yet also by such RIDICULOUS, idiots?

The U.S. President is a drooling, giggling moron bereft of ANY character, intelligence or redeeming virtue. America’s business leaders are statist, authoritarian collectivists committed to their own destruction. Even the Pope is no longer Catholic. He’s an Islam-loving, atheistic Marxist.

As one of my favorite thinkers, Ayn Rand, used to advise, when confronted with a logical contradiction: “Check your premises. One of them is wrong.”

Evil is not powerful. Not when the good guys refuse to tolerate, sanction or participate in evil, in any way. Today’s version of evil takes on the form of the macabre, anti-human assault on all things rational that we see around us right now, but this assault cannot defeat strength. Fetterman, Biden, Pelosi–they are twisted, sick specimens of a culture leering back at the coherent, the intelligent and the strong. Grotesque, metaphysical clowns, the kind that appear in nightmares. They would have no presence, much less dominance, in a culture that hadn’t become terminally ill. What makes us ill? The refusal of good people to rise up and call the insanity exactly what it is.

So we must stop complaining and being victims. We ARE victims, and we have much to legitimately complain about. But that must not become our identity. Obviously, for such mentally and morally illiterate fools to beat us, we are doing something terribly wrong, or some faulty premise is destroying us.

Bad guys don’t win. Especially in America. The triumph of evil was never the American story. Yet look at us now. Just look at us. Could this society fight World War II for five minutes, much less win it? Could this society conquer the frontier, preserve its Union, overcome slavery, or launch anything like the Industrial Revolution? Could today’s Democratic-voting snowflakes concerned mostly with free tuition and imaginary climate change risk their lives and sacred honor to take on a corrupt crown and launch the greatest experiment of individual rights in all of human history?

Dark times. Getting darker. Everything happens for a reason. Our job is to discover it.




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