An Autopsy on a Perfectly Worthless Election

Biden declares Elon Musk a “national security threat” and says the federal regime will look into it. [story at Fox Business 11/9/22]

I told you the Red Wave that wasn’t a Red Wave would not matter.

The Constitution is no longer in operation. We are an occupied country. Will anyone listen now?

Roger Kimball writes: I had assumed that with the president underwater, inflation raging, interest rates rises, thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over our southern border and crime spiking that Republicans would have the advantage. How could it be otherwise?

Some critics say that Trump was the issue, that the Democrats made “Trump is on the ballot” their war cry. They did do that, and of course they also shouted “abortion” every chance they got. But both issues had to cut both ways. Trump has a very extensive base and the meme that “Trump is on the ballot” had to have helped as well as hindered. As for abortion, while some candidates — Tim Michels, for example — made it a centerpiece of their campaign, most did not and, besides, late-term abortion is no longer a winning battle cry for Democrats, if it ever was.

How then to explain what happened? I frankly do not know. Robert Bork, quoting Justice Antonin Scalia, titled one of his books A Country I Do Not Recognize. Perhaps that is a starting point. Perhaps Americans no longer care about prosperity, border integrity, physical safety or nurturing traditional bourgeois virtues. Perhaps they have signed up en masse for the woke agenda of political correctness and socialist conformity. I do not know.

We DO know: Decades of brainwashing by government-run schools and paid off corporations, the merger of culture and government…it worked. The vast majority of under 30 voters opted for MORE totalitarianism, inflation, and despair. They said YES to it. The brainwashing worked.

The destroyers of culture gave us this disaster. Now we all must contend with it.

I promise you: The good will win, in the end. But the good of our present era must develop a spine. And learn to fight with 100 times the moral (and where necessary, physical) force it fought against Hitler, Stalin and all the others.

The good guys, in this era, have yet to find their Churchill.

From the American Thinker:

There’s also the real possibility that 60 years of nonstop leftist indoctrination — in education; the news media; the entertainment media; and, with accelerating force, the internet — has changed the American people. Some of us still believe in individual liberty, but most of us don’t. Some of us still believe in a sovereign border, but most of us don’t. Some of us still believe that anthropogenic climate change is an idea cooked up to advance socialist policies, but most of us don’t. Some of us still believe that life begins at conception and is worth protecting, but most of us don’t. And of course, most of us definitely prefer the modern opiates of the people — endlessly streaming media, pot, and government money — to the risks and rewards of liberty.

With those changed beliefs, little things like rising inflation, open borders, rampant crime, and a concerted effort to destroy our children’s self-identity and healthy bodies simply don’t rank anymore. H.L. Mencken cynically and accurately wrote that “democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” The really hard part is still to come.


Consider this quote in light of the fact that NONE of the tyrants who terrorized the population and destroyed the economy — along with the Bill of Rights — during the COVID fascism era have paid the price, legally or politically. They are all still in office.

“Imagine having more than two years of your life taken from you, for what you now have to know was no good reason and which accomplished nothing, and not even caring. Imagine not wanting to repudiate the people who did this to you and your children as vigorously as possible.” — Tom Woods

Fraud is one thing. But mass ignorance and stupidity — why, that’s even more frightening.



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