So Much for the Red Tide

Red districts are getting redder, and blue districts getting bluer. Positions seem entrenched. Country more and more divided, not so much by state as culturally. Pennsylvania appears riddled with fraud for that Communist do-nothing stroke patient to have any chance at all. New York looking like a big disappointment and likely fraud is in play there. New York under Dems is finished, by the way, and will implode with crime. Georgia, Arizona — same old crap.

Not sure what this election will solve. Fascists run most of the country, divisions are the worst since 1860, and psychopaths and/or airheads control the corporate, entertainment and educational realms. Our culture is vapid, dying.

Florida is a shining star, Texas holds tight and red states are still red. Won’t stop the DemComs at the federal level from using D.C. agencies to destroy us. Mitch McConnell, if he is Senate leader, will do nothing. He’s one of them, as are most Establishment Republicans. House Republicans? They won’t defund a thing. The FBI and IRS have got to go, but they are stronger than ever, and will laugh at Republicans.

We need a revolution, not an election.

How about a Republic of Florida? And the rest of freedom-loving America can follow.



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