Democrats Are Physically Threatening Their Potential Victors

Leftists including Biden are saying that if Republicans win next week, there will be murdered families, concentration camps, censorship, seized bank accounts, confiscated private property, and gulags.

In other words, leftists are projecting onto patriots all the things they themselves are capable of doing, would like to do and probably already have plans to do.

More than projection, I view these statements as a threat. In essence they are saying, “If you win despite our fraud and media manipulation, all hell will break loose.” Remember, the left is in charge of the military, the media, the FBI, the corporate and banking world, the Federal Reserve, and other rancidly corrupt federal agencies. They can do a lot in retaliation against those who aim to sweep them from office. They are afraid of nothing and capable of anything.

Be vigilant. Truly evil people are in charge.



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