The Bill of Rights are now a “Threat to Democracy”

Here are the ideas that the present tyranny in power claims are a “threat to democracy”:

A nation should have borders.

Government employees work for the people; the people do NOT work for government employees. Citizens may fire ANY AND ALL government employees at any time they wish.

Taxes should be flat and low — if they exist at all. Taxation is a privilege, not a right, for the people in power who impose taxes.

Government spending should be limited to protection of the public from physical violence and fraud. THAT’S IT.

If you want somebody to do something they do not wish to do, then you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO COMPEL THEM TO DO IT, JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT THEM TO.

Political officials are equal under the law, equal with the citizens they claim to represent.

Government should pass no law curbing or restricting the freedom of speech on one’s own property. Property owners can shut you down if you’re saying things they don’t like on their property. But government officials may NEVER, EVER shut you down.

Government should pass no law preventing a nonviolent citizen from owning a weapon of self-protection. And that means ANY weapon.

People should be allowed to make up their own minds about how to prevent the flu, and about what medical treatment to receive or not receive. Career bureaucrats (even ones with medical degrees) should have NO SAY WHATSOEVER in what you do with your body, and, when career bureaucrats are found to be making false medical claims based on payoffs from foreign governments, they should be arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned for life (at a minimum).

People should make up their own minds about how to educate their children, and what to teach them.

Minors should be protected from physical abuse, including but not limited to the desire of some adults to sexually molest them, physically assault them, or mutilate their bodies.

Words are not actions. If I feel your words offend me, then I am free to stay away from you; but I have no right to physically assault or incarcerate you just because I feel uncomfortable when you say whatever you have to say. I am free to tune you out.

“My body, my choice” does not ONLY apply to (first trimester) abortions, sexual behavior, smoking weed or the ability to alter my genitals (if I am over 18); the phrase and the principle ALSO applies to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE.

When did all this become so radical, in a supposedly free country?



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