Stuff the Vote

MSN: “A federal judge granted an emergency order from the bench Tuesday that bans Arizona’s ballot drop box monitors affiliated with conservative group Clean Elections USA from taking photos of voters while they are within 75 feet of a ballot box.”

This is one example of why I view our system as broken beyond repair. A federal judge is telling citizens they MAY NOT TAKE PICTURES of probable or likely fraud. They’re basically ruling: “You can’t do anything that might help us get caught at cheating.” The clear implication is: “We DO have something to hide.” And, under court order, there’s nothing you can do about it. They’re laughing at honest citizens who might wish someone other than a far-left Democrat win an election.

Imagine a federal judge issuing an emergency order to keep anyone from filming evidence of a government official picking up a child to be molested, or stealing money from a government bank account. Yet that’s precisely what’s happening here.




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