In the Fall of a Republic, We are all Gangsters Now

Despite our problems, things have never been better, materially and technologically. Yet things have rarely, if ever, been worse psychologically and intellectually.

The material and economic comforts of today are not the result of the culture. The culture is frankly insane. We still enjoy comfort today because of the sanity, rationality, self-responsibility and economic freedom that dominated earlier eras. Not today’s era of snowflakery, faux science, group hysteria, paranoia and an unrelenting pathological need to control others.

If we’re to preserve, sustain and expand the wonderful world we have created, it’s imperative we fix our mental and intellectual states. On our present road of insanity, few of us will even want freedom, much less be able to handle it.

Your leftist, statist neighbor is happy to vote for someone who will force you, at gunpoint if necessary, to do something you would not otherwise do. It’s so easy! No blood, no unpleasantness. Just raw coercion and total control.

Yet it can’t last forever. And we are very near the endpoint. Trump’s movement was when it first became overt.

As our government becomes more and more corrupt, unstable and unsustainable, the question now is:

Will that same neighbor be PERSONALLY prepared to hold you up at gunpoint to force you to do what he/she wants you to do? Or hire an armed thug to do so? We are all gangsters now, especially since politicians no longer conceal their rotten, hollow, amoral natures.

Increasingly, the mask is off. Governments fall apart and collapse. That’s when you find out what people REALLY believe.



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