Many Lost their Brains in San Francisco

“It makes me sad that I’m now avoiding San Francisco, a city I used to love. Last time my wife and I went in 2020, a drugged up person ran up to my wife’s face and started screaming some of the most obscene things I’ve ever heard. She was terrified. During a previous trip, my rental car was broken into and everything was stolen out of our trunk. When calling the police to report the theft, they let us know this happens hundreds of times per day in the city and said it was our own fault for parking in the street,” according to the CEO of a company fleeing San Francisco.

Blue states, blue cities are sick, insane places.

Reader comments on the above:

“It was once so beautiful. I took my Mother and Daughter years ago before the filth and crime. Could not imagine a family visiting now.”

“I’ve been to San Francisco dozens of times over the years and I absolutely loved it, but you couldn’t pay me to go back again and that makes me very sad!”

“Wonder what his voting record was…”

“You want to be terrorized in your city with violence, disease, theft, and worse? You want all that? Vote Democrat… because that’s exactly what you’ll get… and quite frankly, that’s exactly what you’ll deserve.

Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

Well… at least they don’t stay friends.”

“Folks, it’s not enough to just complain a bit on social media. And it’s (apparently) not enough to just quietly go to the polls and vote against those who are wrecking everything (but please, please do at least that).

It’s time to start holding your own friends, acquaintances, and even family members accountable for their role in all this.

How is it even remotely acceptable to vote for any Lefty anywhere these days?

I’m not saying the Republicans are (necessarily) the solution to all these problems, but Democrats are positively the cause of all these problems.”

Dr. Hurd’s reply: “I agree. And I do hold people responsible for their destructive views. I don’t wish to associate or (when possible) live near people who wish for their own and my destruction. I frankly don’t care what happens to them. But I will not pretend to be their friends.”



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