Liberty for Abortion and for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE

The hard core leftist running for U.S. Senate in Florida said the following in a debate with Senator Marco Rubio:

“Now as a police detective who investigated cases of rape and incest, no, senator, I don’t think it’s okay for a ten-year-old girl to be raped and have to carry the seed of her rapist. No, I don’t think it’s okay for you to get to make decisions for women and girls as a senator. I think those decisions are made between the woman, her family, her doctor, and her faith.”

OK. Will a woman or man ALSO get to decide whether or not to inject an experimental vaccine into his or her body? Shouldn’t this also be between a patient and his doctor, his family, his faith or his reason?

What about the freedom not to wear a mask? Or to use fossil fuels? Or to criticize government policy on Facebook or Twitter? Or to own a gun? Or to keep his income? Or to opt out of Medicare, Social Security or Obamacare? Or not to have to subsidize schools and universities to indoctrinate young people into endorsing lunatic beliefs and blind loyalty to the government?

Why do leftists insist we have a right to our bodies with regard to abortion and sex, as well as weed, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE?

I like how Manfred Smith responded. He wrote: And THAT is how her opponent should counter her argument. It’s called social judo: AGREE with the principle of individual rights that she espouses and then INCLUDE all these other examples of individual rights. “Madam, do you believe that an individual has the right to carry a gun for personal safety?” Do you agree that an individual has the right to decide whether to become immunized?” “Do you believe that an individual is responsible for the consequences of the personal choices he or she makes?” And so forth. Take her righteous position and cram 10 more principles down her throat and see if she gags or not.

Is it too late for America? And for Western civilization? We may be out of time. The non-RINO Republicans–bless their souls–are giving it a good college try in this upcoming event they call an election. But the Democrat-Communist woke leftist satanic creatures who now rule our government and culture seem oddly sanguine about it all. I think they understand they have won everything that matters. For now. One day, the good guys will rise up and grow a spine. That’s when it will really get interesting.



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