Red Wave? So What?

Will there be a red wave in 3 weeks? If so, will it matter — with corrupt, bought-and-sold freaks like Mitch McConnell in charge of the revolution? Mitch McConnell was around for the last 5 revolutions. Unless he’s prepared to defund the FBI, IRS and CDC, along with prosecuting the entire Biden crime family and its lawless regime, he is of no use to freedom-lovers.

Two years ago at this time, conservative media was cautiously optimistic that Trump and Republicans would win fairly easily. MSNBC, CNN and company said it would be a victorious year for Democrats. It’s feeling and looking a LOT like 2020, to me.

I am not trying to be negative. And I don’t claim to know what will happen. All I am saying is: Get a Plan B. I know I have one. We are already living under an unaccountable tyranny. If you still deny it now, a year from now you won’t be able to.



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