Socialism Fails Everywhere It’s Tried — Including Blue States

According to new census data, blue states have worse inequality than red ones (see The Daily Wire).

Socialism and Communism erode and ultimately destroy the middle class. Capitalism, in contrast, raises the standard of living for all and is the only system that creates a vibrant middle class. Communism freezes an elite in place while the former members of the middle class slide into poverty — due to inflation, the death of innovation and pervasive negativity.

America is not immune to the laws of economics and reality. Blue states are no longer America because they no longer enjoy economic freedom in states run by one-party tyrants who have rigged elections. Witness the flight from socialist cities like New York and Chicago. California is the next Venezuela. The elites won’t mind much, at first, and the impoverished illegal immigrants will discover they’re in a place not too different from where they fled.


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