The Logical Unsustainability of Green Fundamentalism

“Carbon neutral since 2007,” brags Google at the bottom of its search page.

Really? Does Google not depend on heat and air conditioning generated, in its offices, by fossil fuels? Or if not, don’t Google’s employees go home and depend on fossil fuels for the heat/ac in their homes? Where would Google be if all these employees died or starved when having to give up affordable fossil fuels and perhaps have NO fuels when the electrical grid goes out, or electric prices skyrocket?

Does Google not provide medical benefits to employees, whose doctors rely on fossil fuels to operate the technology of the treatment centers, and to ship life-saving medicines throughout the country and around the world? Does Google not benefit from the advertising dollars — billions of them — generated by individuals and businesses directly or indirectly involved with the use, production or consumption of fossil fuels?

The list is endless. The overwhelming majority of people, the overwhelming majority of the time, depend (directly AND indirectly) on fossil fuels. Without fossil fuels, life as we know it ends. Is THIS superior to using fossil fuels, you Google Green fundamentalists?

If fossil fuels were 100 percent eradicated from the planet five minutes from now, would Google, as a company, not suffer as much as anyone else — or even more? To say nothing of the millions upon millions of people who will suffer and die if a world government successfully achieves its goal of outlawing fossil fuels in 8 years?

Doesn’t the direct and indirect dependence on fossil fuels mean that Google can’t brag that it’s truly “carbon neutral”?

No worries. The sort of people impressed by Google’s motto are not interested in facts or logic. They’re interested in virtue-signaling. As long as they are SEEN by other people as endorsing the religiously fanatical tenets of Green fundamentalism, they are happy. And they’re enjoying their fossil fuels, too.

If they’re part of the elite, they’ll still be enjoying fossil fuels and/or special access to the electrical grid after 2030, believe me. Survival in the near future depends on being a “Democrat.”



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