Tyrants are All the Same

“It’s an emergency. It’s a crisis.”

How do we know it’s an emergency or a crisis?

“Because I say so.”

So what do we do in this crisis or emergency?

“Whatever I say.”

What if it doesn’t make sense; what if it harms me, or others? What if it’s not right?

“That’s for me to say.”


“Because I say so.”

THIS is the essence of tyranny. Whether it’s in a family, a marriage, a business relationship, a friendship or a government — it’s all tyranny. It’s these unspoken (and sometimes spoken) set of assumptions that makes something a tyranny.

It doesn’t matter whether the tyrant is your spouse, your parent, your grown child, or your Governor, your President, the IRS, the FBI, or the EPA — it’s all tyranny.

Tyranny is not legitimate authority. A legitimate authority does not impose force. It upholds your and my right to be FREE from force. The only person threatened by a legitimate authority is — well, a tyrant.




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