What Republicans SHOULD Do If They Retake the House (and Will NOT Do)

If Republicans retake the U.S. House, here’s a MINIMAL, modest to-do list, just for starters:

Impeach Biden repeatedly; over and over and over. Watch the media, Hollywood and the corporate world go insane; and then impeach him some more.

Defund the FBI; daily call for the arrest of all FBI staff who “just followed orders” and violated due process under the Constitution since Biden took over; ditto for most other federal agencies, especially the IRS, the EPA, the CIA, the DEA, the FDA, the CDC and even the DOD, where tyrants and woke totalitarians reside. Make the lives of these federal tyrants miserable.

Pass massive tax cuts and spending cuts across the government; target 75 percent of the budgets of all federal agencies; use Congressional power to freeze hiring, lay off federal workers and make the federal government the last place any decent person wants to work. Even if the House alone cannot defund everything, scare the hell out of them and make them defend their agencies’ very existence.

Shut down, thwart, destabilize and daily demoralize the Biden regime and make it as impotent, inoperable and dysfunctional as possible.

If you can’t get good legislation passed, then simply refuse to pass any bad legislation, and destabilize, defund, and demoralize the criminal brutes in media, academia and the corporate fascist world who are terrorizing and decimating any remnants of freedom left in this once great republic.

Will any of this this happen? No. That’s why I can’t get excited about this election. Because this is the ONLY thing that would begin to satisfy me, and millions like me.

We have an occupation, not a government. We need a total polititcal upheaval, not just another rigged election. We have the basically right form of government. But we have allowed it to be occupied by the worst tyrants since the 1940s. You cannot take a Constitutional republic with a precious Bill of Rights and hand it over to a bunch of criminals and thugs. If you do, then you end up living under a legalized reign of mobsters.

Even Donald Trump was too gentle for these people. We have to completely defeat them. This means removing them from power and never letting them anywhere near our rights again.



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