MAGA Comes to Italy

An Italian right-winger has won the race for prime minister in Italy; and in America, people hold out hope that a mostly RINO-driven Republican Party will somehow overcome Big Tech manipulation, indirect government censorship and massive election fraud in order to generate a “Red Wave.”

Here’s the problem. The answer does not reside in politics. It resides in people.

If the majority of people do not deserve, comprehend or appreciate freedom — they will not end up with freedom. In America, at best, a slight plurality is rational enough to appreciate some measure of freedom (perhaps 51 percent, nationally). That’s not enough. Add to that the fact the entire culture is rotten — rotten to the core, meaning: intellectually dishonest; totally disrespectful of individual rights; brazenly racist (anti-white, as badly as Jim Crow laws were brazenly anti-black); the list is endless. What I mean by “the culture”: The schools, most of the state and local governments, the entire federal bureaucracy, most of the courts (conservatives included) are either outright Communist/fascist/”woke” — or, worse yet, too cowardly to stand up to them. This is what I mean by a rotten culture — rotten to the core.

You can’t have a rotten-to-the-core culture and a plurality of people mostly uncomprehending of freedom (and therefore undeserving of it) and expect even the greatest candidate on earth (Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson) to save them.

You cannot save bad, stupid or ignorant people from themselves. Only people can save themselves. And you can’t expect most people to save themselves in a culture where the schools, the media and the corporate elite are as rotten as they have become.

Does this mean it’s hopeless? Of course not. Man has free will. A sizable number of Americans ARE rational, freedom-loving, freedom-deserving and some of them more than ever before. That’s most of what informs the Trump/MAGA movement (which will go beyond Trump), not the nonexistant racism and fascism our rotten-to-the-core cultural leftists project onto that movement. Remember that most cultural transformations and revolutions happen at the behest of a minority — whether we’re talking about bad examples (the Nazis, the Communists, the Maoists) or the occasional great example (the American revolution).

It’s not hopeless. But it’s more daunting than I think most Trumpsters, conservatives, libertarians and other nonleftists recognize. Perhaps once they grasp how bad the situation is, we’ll see the greatest reawakening for rationality and liberty mankind has ever seen.

Here’s hoping.



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