American and Chinese Communists Are Having it Both Ways

“My Son Hunter” star Laurence Fox slammed the Biden family in a recent interview on Steve Bannon’s popular “War Room” podcast, saying officials have so far failed to hold the first family accountable over Hunter Biden’s foreign influence peddling, which includes deals involving the Chinese Communist Party. [reported at Breitbart]

Well, of course. If you sympathize and agree with Communism, then — to you — it’s not a problem to make deals with the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, it makes you virtuous.

Communists in the 21st Century — American/European as well as Chinese — have figured out how to have it both ways.

By advocating Communism, they get to be in favor of the alleged supremacy of selflessless over individualism. We’re told — by literally everyone — that self-interest is automatically and always bad, while selflessness is automatically and always good.

They get to impose this creed of selflessness by imposing poverty and the death of liberty on 99 percent of their fellow citizens — while doing so in the name of virtue! And they get to live like billionaires in the process, because they are billionaires. Politically connected ones, at that.

In the past, this meant that Communists had to live in squalor, as they did in Soviet Russia and still do in places like Cuba and Venezuela. While the elites under Communism always lived better than the other 99 percent, these elites did not live like Zuckerberg, Gates, the Bidens, the Pelosis, or the elites of today’s Communist Party live. They were not billionaires.

Today’s Communists have really got quite a show going for themselves. They get to live really, really well — just like the elites of any totalitarian regime (from royalty on down) have always lived. But they get to claim the mantle of “moral superiority.” They do so not only through their advocacy of the redistribution of wealth, but through the supposed moral superiority of the Green movement.

They literally have it both ways. They get to live off the splendors that only capitalism could provide, while morally condemning capitalism — and condemning the other 99 percent to impoverishment.

The middle class is still vibrant in America, so it’s hard to see if you’re ignorant and torpid, as so many are. But the middle class is diminishing. The more left-wing the region of the country — California, New York, the big cities like Chicago/Seattle — the more you can see this. Because American Communists impose their will nationally, and aim to cement that totalitarian authority by hunting down and prosecuting all political opposition (e.g. Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump’s forthcoming criminal prosecution, the forthcoming criminalization of middle class Americans via 87,000 new armed IRS agents) … well, it’s easy to see how it all plays out. And how it all ends.

This does not end well, regardless. If millions of middle class Americans continue to roll over for what the 1 percent Communist elites — Zuckerberg, Gates, Soros, Biden, Pelosi, all the rest — are doing to them, then it’s obvious where it ends. The middle class dies out and everyone is either super-rich/super-connected … or disconnected and living a far less enjoyable, safe, healthy and prosperous life than most middle class Americans DID enjoy from the 1950s forward.

OR: People rise up and fight back. Yet with a weaponized and politicized DOJ, FBI, IRS, FCC, FEC, EPA, DEA and all the other agencies now firmly in position to act as America’s own KGB or Gestapo (or worse), well … it may not be too late to fight, but the war for freedom is pretty well along in its later stages, don’t you think?

Prove me wrong, America. So far, I’m not seeing a whimper of opposition — not real opposition — and it’s frankly disgraceful how easy it has been for these tryants, Biden crime family and all.




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